peHUB Second Opinion 12.2

Brad Feld and Paul Kedrosky say creating “startup visas” can jump-start the U.S. economy. (WSJ)

Digg has a plan to save the news business. (Forbes)

First Google offered a skimpy olive branch to disgruntled news publishers. (Reuters). Now it has sweetened the offer. Meh. (TechCrunch)

From the nerd department: Intel has produced an experimental 48-core microprocessor for cloud computing. (VentureBeat)

From the This Has Nothing to Do With Private Equity, But It’s Interesting Department: The No. 1 “trending topic” on Twitter today is #WhyMenCheat. Must have something to do with a certain No. 1 golfer. (Twitter)

Wrapping up one disastrous private equity deal: Sam Zell is out as CEO of the Tribune Co. He’s still chairman. (Yahoo Finance)

On the green beat: The World Bank has loaned $1 billion to India to clean up the Ganges River. (Reuters)

From the Wow, Now That’s a Big Surprise Department: Robert Finkel of Prism Capital does not like Josh Kosman’s new book, “The Buyout of America.” (TheDeal)

Wall Street traders aren’t on Wall Street anymore. (Reuters)