peHUB Second Opinion 1.22

Pulling the Plug: Goldman Sachs has moved to wind down its Global Equity Opportunities Fund – once the flagship of its prestigious set of in-house hedge funds. (FT)

Interpretations: Bloomberg reports that the new banking rules may force the banks to sell their buyout units, WSJ concurs. (Bloomberg, WSJ)

Dissenters: Tim Geithner does not like Obama’s financial reform plan. (Dealbreaker)

Rolfe Winkler: Warren Buffet has let the public down again. (Reuters)

100 Best Companies to Work For: Robert W. Baird & Co. has a “No asshole” rule. (Forbes)

B-School Feuds: Apparently Wharton students plan an annual ski trip, and the Dean of Students isn’t too happy about that. A student fired back a defense, and Wall Street Oasis has the email exchange. (WSO)

No Opposition: Hershey won’t be bidding on Cadbury. No surprise there. (Reuters)

Fred Wilson: The Venture Diet is working. (A VC)