peHUB Second Opinion 12.2

Broken PIPE Dreams: The Deal looks at PE’s relationship with banks, and it’s a negative one.

But Everyone Else Is Having Problems Too: The Harvard Crimson highlights the impact the economy is having on other Ivy League colleges and their endowments.

Annnnd I Can’t Help Myself: The Crimson’s top story made me chuckle: members of Yale’s marching band have been reprimanded for erecting a faux Berlin Wall covered in profanity and tearing it down with a missile evoking a phallus during a game.

Speaking of Ivy League: Harvard’s investment portfolio “looks like it was chosen by someone who watched a few episodes of CNBC’s Squawk Box and heard that the hot new investments were emerging markets, commodities, and private equity.” Ouch.

Also On Slate: Daniel Gross names the world’s worst banker, and its not Fuld or Cayne.

Auction Block: Books are out on AIG’s aircraft leasing unit, which is in the early stages of its auction, according to dealReporter.

Market Movers: Continuing the discussion on secondary saturation and the motivation behind endowments selling their holdings.

Out: Carlyle is, that is. No longer interested in Neuberger Berman.

Deep: Just how deep are the cuts going to be at GE Capital? Dealbook covers the company’s conference call on the matter.

Dealscape: Asks, have investors started betting against America?