peHUB Second Opinion 12.21

We’re going to help a friend out here, everyone go ahead and fill out this survey—we’ll also be reporting the results back to you next month

A little late, Harvard: but hopefully the next Gates/Zuckerberg won’t pass you up

App developers are going to have to start thinking about getting into Bill Gates’ client base now

Eleven Blackstone employees have a little something extra to celebrate this holiday season

Texas and Florida get a political boost courtesy of the 2010 Census and NY and Ohio lose points

Was Yukon Cornelius was on to something? Had he employed a buy-and-hold strategy with his part-time mining partner Herbie, he’d be sitting pretty today

Krush loads up on cash

If you’ve got European colleagues, you might want to give them a second option for Christmas dinner—it isn’t very likely they’ll all make it home for the holidays