peHUB Second Opinion 12.22

I’m out till next Monday- Happy Holidays!

Tepid I.P.O.’s Spell Trouble for Private Equity: Half of the 16 PE-backed IPOs this year have been priced below their expected offering range. (Breakingviews)

Carl Icahn Drinks Trump’s Milkshake: Carl and The Donald are verbally abusing one another over Trump’s bankrupt casino assets in Atlantic City. (Reformed Broker)

Zany Job Hunting Techniques: This guy shaved his head for a job and it worked. (CNBC)

Financial Villian of the Decade: This is no surprise. How easily we forget Skilling and Lay, no? (SmartMoney)

More End-O-Year Sillyness: The Ten Commandments of the Great Recession. (Reformed Broker)

Littlejohn: Halfway to final close on fund four. (IDD)

Everyone’s Defaulting, Why Don’t You? If billionaires don’t feel guilty about walking away from their debts, should homeowners? (Slate)