peHUB Second Opinion 12.29

Cautionary Tales: The bankers who wouldn’t say sorry. (FT)

Wow: This profile of Raj Rajaratnam, “The Man Who Wired Silicon Valley” is a bit shocking. Literally-he paid an employee 5K to voluntarily be stunned by a Taser. (WSJ)

Unusual Focus: Curious and Curiouser. London-based Calunius Capital is raising a private equity fund earmarked for investments in commercial lawsuits claiming. (IDD)

The New Buyout: How the financial crisis is changing private equity, by Partners Group. (Partners Group)

Lowbrow Highlights: CNBC’s top videos of 2009. (CNBC)
Sourcing Deal Flow: USA Today profiles a defense consulting firm made up of former officers, many of which already have connections to buyout firms. (USA Today)

Predictions: Always futile, yet we always do them. Naked Capitalism has some 2010 insights from Bruce Krasting, including Geithner’s replacement, AIG’s future and midterm election results. (Naked Capitalism)

In Case You: missed this yesterday, like I did, Guy Hands is speaking out again, this time about banker pay and globalization. (WSJ)

Scary Place: Inside the mind of Sam Zell.  (Simoleon Sense via Abnormal Returns)

Recession Proof Sector: Private equity groups are betting that at least one area will be spared the worst of any austerity measures: the healthcare sector. (FT)

Freak Out: Ready for a Return to Glass-Steagall? (Bloomberg)