peHUB Second Opinion 12.29

Well: “Just about everyone in Kimberly, Wisconsin, hates billionaire Stephen Feinberg.” Are we surprised? (Bloomberg)

First Bono: Now Bjork. Another first-name 90s music star joins the world of venture investments.

What Is Going On Here: Plenty of people, Jim Cramer included, are angry that TARP-funded banks can’t or won’t say what they’re doing with the money. (Dealscape)

Gotta Love Deal Professor: Some wonderfully acerbic lessons learned from 2008, including “Banks trump private equity.”

We Beat China: In IPOs, by value. How is that possible, you ask? Visa. (FT)

Yep: We already pointed out that most 2008 predictions were very, very wrong. BusinessWeek dug up a few more doozies.

Who’s Getting Hurt: By New York State’s budget problem? You guessed it, the pension system.

News You Can Use: If you’re laid off. Jobless benefits, state by state.

No Comment Needed: Hippies in Glastonbury believe Wi-fi is giving them “bad vibes.”

Equity Private: Blogging from the old site.

Madoff: Breaking down his potential insanity defense.

Liliane Bettencort: The world’s wealthiest woman invested with Madoff. (Bloomberg)

Krugman: Believes there are 50 Herbert Hoovers slashing our state budgets.