peHUB Second Opinion 12.30

Yikes: Jim Cramer’s advice was slightly worse than a coin toss this year.

Lump Of Coal: The Naughtiest and nicest CEOs of 2008 (Bits)

How The Other Side Lives (And Dies): Hedge fund return data is ugly. (Deal Journal)

Ouch: If you though Credit Suisse’s toxic debt alterna-bonus was bad, check out Google, which is giving its employees “dogfood.” (Valleywag)

Fraud: Why the federal government has been “something of a paper tiger in investigating securities crimes.” They brought the fewest prosecutions on securities fraud since 1991 this year. (NY Times)

But Apparently: The Fed isn’t totally useless-it just busted a different much, much smaller Ponzi Scheme. (dealscape)

You Can: Live in a shopping mall. (Market Movers)