peHUB Second Opinion 12.4

Job Opportunity: Wall Streeters, your dream job has arrived. Steven Land Clothing is looking for a few new faces to represent the brand, and it’s decided to turn to the city’s pool of unemployed Wall Streeters to fill the positions. (Cityfile)

5 tips to make people care about “your stupid little startup.” (Matt Brezina)

Read Up: Best books of 2009, according to the Economist. (Economist)

Turnover: Analysts and lower level hires at Silver Lake and TA Associates might not want to get too comfortable. PE Database provides a picture of the lower level turnover at each of the firms. (PE Database)

The recession is still with us:  Yahoo cancels its Christmas party (and there will be no lapdancers either) (Clusterstock)

Here’s one way to spend your weekend: To mark the 40th anniversary of the Internet, DARPA wants to see how many of you can figure out how to use social networking to find 10 red balloons that DARPA has placed in obvious locations around the country. Colorblind contestants may have trouble, but good luck. (Network Challenge)

Down the Rabbit Hole: and Inside Dick Fuld’s bunker. (Daily Beast)

Commentary: Emerging markets aren’t a bubble. (Felix Salmon)

By the way: What do you all think of Reuters (our parent company)’s website redesign? I’m a fan. You can find links to peHUB stories on the private capital page, and all of the deals pages.

Wall Street on the Tundra: Michael Lewis reports on Iceland’s bankruptcy and the “peculiarly Icelandic logic behind it.” (Vanity Fair)

Kafka: Netflix has made Wall Street happy over the last year, therefore Wall Street must punish Netflix. Or something. (All Things D)

House Democrats want to more than double taxes on money managers at private equity and venture capital firms. (Bloomberg)

In case you missed it: Paul Kedrosky and Brad Feld make the case for startup visas. (WSJ)

The Today Show covered Groupon, a company which Accel Partners invested in yesterday:

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-Deborah Gage contributed to this post.