peHUB Second Opinion 12.4

Fall Into The: There’s an enormous Gap between the Big Three’s self-image and reality, according to Daniel Gross, and driving to Washington and having detailed plans isn’t enough to convince him otherwise..

Not Enough Grand Prospect Hall Ads: CNBC is laying off 80 people according to the Post.

As If PE Were a Barometer: BusinessWeek is predicting November job losses could be the worst in 28 years.

Panic: How Wall Streeters are dealing with the crisis, according to Vanity Fair. Via Abnormal Returns.

Blame Game: The credit crisis can be traced to “insidious MBA” schools. “They believe business school can encourage the “culture of me“, or individuals solely out for their own self-interest.”

Blog Love: Blodget to Spitzer: Welcome to the blogosphere.

ARS: Talks of how to properly value and compensate a CEO. This story is a couple of days old but I really just wanted an excuse to post this ridiculous stock image I found in an old Financial News article. Copyright Getty.