peHUB Second Opinion 1.26

Still Needed: A Sheriff of Finance, according to George Soros. (NYT)

Blu-Ray Shams: This is Just Ballsy. If you open up a $3,500 Lexicon Blu-Ray Player, you will find an entire $500 Oppo Blu-ray player inside, intact, with its original chassis. A manufacturer actually bought the $500 model, put it inside a bigger box, and sold it for $3500. WOW. (Wired)

Hope They’re Not Flocking to Journalism: College freshmen are abandoning business as a major. (Inside Higher Ed via Abnormal Returns)

Unmitigated Gall: Most Irony-Impaired Wall Street Research Title. Ever. (The Big Picture)

Take That Main Streeters: ‘Main Street’ Is An Idiotic Concept, Which Doesn’t Exist Outside Of Disneyland (Clusterstock)

Yikes: Rosetta Stone had a successful IPO (remember, they were backed by ABS Capital) but have recently stumbled. Here’s how to avoid their fate. (Dealscape)

HOT IPO: Sex may sell, but investors may not be ready for an initial public offering this hardcore. Is a FriendFinder (innocent enough name, racy content) IPO too hot to sell? (Dealbook)

A Frank Talk With You, Boss: You’re a bad manager who’s driving us nuts, and here’s what those of us who report to you want to tell you-whether you like it or not (BusinessWeek)

Gifts for Goldman: The Obama administration may have made bankers’ pay squarely in the sights of its outrage, but its recent initiatives may have actually helped boost the bonuses of firms like Goldman Sachs. (NYT)

It Happened: It’s the Worst Sentence Ever Written! (The Awl)