peHUB Second Opinion 1.26

Lists: For The Newly Unemployed, Six words that make your resume suck. (Squawkfox)

Lists: Six Errors on the path to financial crisis. (Dealbook)

Lists: 25 Most Promising Green Businesses (Business Pundit)

Seriously?: PE Firms are the least creative businesses ever when it comes to names. We have yet another similar-sounding set of firms, according to PE Database.

Yet Another: Woe as me story about Blackstone and Fortress and their troubles as public entities. But this time there’s definitive details that the companies could do MBOs with the proceeds of their IPOs! (WSJ)

VC Portfolio Company Layoffs: Digg cuts 10% of its work force. (Layoff Blog)

Oh Dear God: “At crowded cafes, tensions brew,” writes, of the influx of coffee stop laptop-ers thanks to layoffs and the new “Wifi workforce.”

One New Data Point: In the paid content debate, sales of Monty Python DVDs increase by 23,000% after making the content available for free on YouTube. (Slashfilm)

Recessionista What: Eton launches the world’s most expensive shirt with what must be the world’s worst timing. (PR Newswire)

What Financial Journalists Learned: About the meltdown. We apparently “saw some trees but not the forest.” (Columbia Business Review)

The First One: Book about the financial crisis, I mean. Daniel Gross interviews the author. (Moneybox)

Doubledown Not Doubling Down: Instead, its selling. Yet another newspaper on the block that’s not likely to find a buyer. (Dealbook)

16th Minute: The Obama girl of YouTube fame is using her 15 minutes of fame for a tech satire. (Dealbook)