peHUB Second Opinion 12.7

Beware of Social Media Snake Oil: Hordes of marketing “experts” are promoting the value of wikis, social networks, and blogs. Not that anyone needed to tell the world of finance that, they are lightyears away from using social media. (Businessweek)

If You’re Reticent to “Go Green” Perhaps this car will twist your arm. (Autoblog Green)

Pride: Merrill execs have rejoiced in that they get to keep their beloved bull logo on their business cards, in a reversal of a prior Bank of America decision. (WSJ)

MBAs Still Dig Finance: Despite the economic collapse, MNAs have “only slightly less ardor for the field of finance than last year.” (Infectious Greed)

The Problem with Print and TV: The Wall St. Journal, CNBC and other old media financial news outlets are giving up their advantages over new media outlets and also in the trap of self preservation. (Aiki14)

I’ve been saying this for years: No believes your Prada bag is real if you still dress like a slob. Now an MIT Sloan study proves it. (BusinessWeek)

Raising a Cleantech Fund? Talk to Poalim Capital Markets, they just invested a sizable chunk with Hudson Clean Energy. (Globes)

Do You Want Your Status Updates on Google? If not, make sure your privacy settings are set up properly. Google today announced a partnership with Facebook and Myspace. (WSJ)

VC-backed Cash for Gold has a competitor. I give you, Cats for Gold: