peHUB Second Opinion 1.27 (Davos Edition)

Whaa? PE Firms may actually benefit from the Wall Street restructuring plan. (FT Lex)

Pot Calling Kettle Black? Public pension funds needing to boost their returns but frustrated with hedge funds and private-equity investments are turning to one of the oldest investment strategies-using leverage! (WSJ)

Speaking of Pensions: Yesterday I outlined how NY State Common plans to support emerging manager funds without placement agents. From that same presentation, NY Post reports on the firm’s “rationalization” of its exposure to mega-funds. (NY Post)

Contradictions: The first Indian-American woman to run for Congress is a hedge fund lawyer, and she’s a Democrat running with a pro-Wall Street mantra. (NY Times)

Reports from Davos I: Felix Salmon is siding with the pessimists. (Reuters)

Reports from Davos II: Ah, Swag Bag. Here’s what Davos attendees all get. (And I’m confused, is it Swag (like, Stuff We All Get) or Schwag?) (Clusterstock)

Reports from Davos III: David Rubenstein is “weighing” Obama’s new plan. (Bloomberg)

Reports from Davos IV:
And, surprise surprise, Rubenstein is, once again, a raging bull: