peHUB Second Opinion 12.8.08

Lists: Business Pundit compiles a list of the top business schools as ranked by BusinessWeek, FT, UT Dallas Research Rankings, US News & World Report, Entreprenuer, and Princeton Review.

Listlessness: The business books of the year. Note that none of the books covering the crisis are out yet….

Viagra, Deal From Hell, Titanic and Warfare: The words of Samuel Zell, who has uttered many, many quotable comments regarding Tribune and newspapers.

We Knew It: Investors in PE and VC firms are renegotiating their commitment contracts. Thanks Permira, for kicking off this chain of events.

And More On Permira: Lex.

Are You Crazy: One former Wall Street intern dispels a few myths about the job market.

Explanation: Why private companies stay private.  H/T Abnormal Returns.

She Told Me To Do It: At least someone’s happy to hear of a hedge fund liquidation. Bill Fleckenstein’s wife is happy he’s closing his short only fund.