peHUB Second Opinion 12.9

Plan B: This is funny. “My desire to attend law school has nothing to do with the fact that I was recently fired from my job as an analyst at an investment bank.” (McSweeney’s)

Private Equiteer: Private Equity returns are misleading Part II. (Seeking Alpha)

More Extortion: Or whatever you’d like to call it. Riverstone’s founder David Leuschen has paid $20 million to Andrew Cuomo in restitution over the pay-to-play case. Chooch really is the gift that keeps giving (and yes, I plan to continue to bring it up every chance I get.) (OAG)

Debunks: Goldman Sachs bankers aren’t really stocking up on guns. (Deal Journal)

Vanity: Remember the guy with the license plate that read “2BG2FAIL”? Well he’s changed it to “MNA GUY.” (Clusterstock)

You Shouldn’t Have: The economic argument for never giving another gift. (Slate)

Matrix Advisers has a strategy: That’s Dick Fuld’s old firm, and the strategy is helping small businesses raise capital. (Cityfile)

Need Capital? What’s harder, equity or debt? (BusinessWeek)