peHUB Second Opinion 1.30

One Down, 11 To Go: January M&A Snapshot from Thomson Reuters. (TR)

Equity Private: Contemplates the future of Going Private. It doesn’t have a lot of private equity in it. (Going Private)

Did You Know? Philip Yea had his footprint on 3i’s dismal earnings, but he also has a connection to Investcorp, the firm that got a ratings cut this week and reacted by firing the ratings agent. (Dealscape)

Would This Work? Angry senator wants pay cap on Wall Street ‘idiots’ (CNN)

And While We’re At It: Let’s ban political donations from Wall Streeters too, Dealscape says!

Lovely: The Country’s Dirtiest Hotel is right here in lovely New York City. (The Carter, USA Today)

A Degraded Davos: “Rising financial and geopolitical stress has made it difficult to maintain a veneer of civility at the 2009 Davos.” (Moneybox)