peHUB Second Opinion 1.4

Private Equity’s Year in the Spotlight: “Once a quarter, we’re the only ones in our underwear,” Blackstone once said of its public reporting. But not for long. Other firms are on the verge of catching up. (WSJ)

The neverending debate: There’s a new white paper in town debating the good and evil of private equity called Leveraged Buyouts and Private Equity. Tom Taulli dissects it. (Daily Finance)

Taking a Stand: The Boston Globe has officially opposed supported taxing carried interest as capital gains for private equity firms. (Boston Globe)

Podcasts: For your commute, here are two podcasts from law firm Duane Morris on tax law and deal-doing. (Duane Morris)

Justice Served: Did you know Thomas H. Lee had a stalker? Who has been trying to extort money from him? Who he paid more than 200k for therapy for? Well, now she’s on probation. (FINS)

Want to Invest in One World Trade Center? Well now you get a second chance. (Reuters)

Evil Google: Shutting down blogs! (Felix Salmon)