peHUB Second Opinion 1.5

Brilliant PR Strategy: Clusterstock has (somewhat unfairly, in my opinion) twisted the words of a Goldman Director on banker pay, into “Bankers are like Movie Starts and Deserve to be Paid Like Them.” The rest of the interview makes sense, but nothing like stoking the populist rage with an out-of-context headline. (Business Insider)

Sweet Sweet M&A: Since the Kraft/Cadbury/Nestle drama now involves Warren Buffet, it kiiinda counts as private equity-related, right? Since we at peHUB haven’t been following it closely up until this point (except for salivating over potential divestitures), we appreciated Reuters package of coverage from today. Here you can find analysis on all the angles of the deal. (Reuters)

On that Note: Warren Buffet’s giving Kraft a lesson in M&A 101. (Deal Journal)

The Big Apple’s Big Problem: Why NYC should be run more like Wal-Mart? (Newsweek)

Changing How You Get Business News: 2010 will be the Year of the Paywall. (Economist) On the other hand: Hyperlocal sites are attractive M&A interest and VC bucks. (Dealscape)

Oversupply: Why can’t US pig farmers profit from the pork revolution? (Christian Science Monitor)

Introducing the “Quickie Bankruptcy.” In 2009, the number of prearranged bankruptcies, in which many creditors approve a reorganization plan ahead of a filing, tripled. (WSJ)

Money for Nothing: Should you really take financial advice from someone foolish enough to write for a living? (MarketWatch)

Bank Investments? Anyone anyone? There is more pain coming for small banks, and it won’t be long before the FDIC revisits their investing guidelines. Buyout shops, start licking your chops. (Fierce Finance)