peHUB Second Opinion 1.6

What a Find: A family finds $10,000 in cash in a box of Annie’s Organic crackers purchased from Whole Foods. In a most-improbable zany mix-up, the cash turns out to be some lady’s life savings. “The Lake Forest woman, whose identity was not released, had lost faith in her bank and decided the box would be a safer place for the money.” Apparently not. (Business Pundit)

The Anonymous Equity Private: Speaks with Marketplace, leaving a few clues as to her identity.  (HT AR).

Now Hiring: A Job Posting for a Wall Streeter interesting in gaming from A VC.

Get Over It Guys: Even though it is completely irrational in a recession, applications for luxury management MBA programs remains high. (BusinessWeek)

Desperate Measures: How deals are getting done these days. Some surprising background on the Kohlberg & Co. deal for Centerplate (hint: it involves putting up one’s own money.) (Debtwire)

Mark Cuban On the Cubs: “With all the support and encouragement I got to buy the team…” (Blog Maverick)

Jim O’Neill: Why You Shouldn’t Write off The Brics (FT)

Resolutions: I know, we’re tired of ‘em. But Blogging Buyouts has a mildly funny and possibly not too far from the mark suggestion for VCs: 1. Survive.

Go Go Gadget Boutique: Moelis & Co. and Perella Weinberg are having their days in the sun. (Dealscape)

Via Infectious Greed: The Daily Routines of interesting people. (Mental Floss)