peHUB Second Opinion 1.6

Why Corporations Provide Little Venture Capital: The corporate share of the venture capital pool has declined to less than 8% for every year since 2001. One problem: Revolutionary change (BW)

Don’t Get Excited about 2010: Here’s quick tour of gloomy pronouncements from some of the most bearish folks out there. (Paul Kedrosky)

Laid Off? Planning Your Next Move? Whatever You Do, Don’t Go To Graduate School. (Business Insider)

Not Laid off? Really Busy? Here are some Online Dating Tips for Busy Executives. (Business Insider)

Catching Insider Trading: Tougher than it seems. Basically, if you’re right about earnings, you could earn yourself a wiretap. (Felix Salmon)

M&A is Back: This quarter may see a PE deal rally in India. (Financial Express)

Brrrrr: I would have never expected that extreme cold weather would lead to an increase in sales of fur and swimsuits. Makes sense, just not intuitive to me. (Reuters)

League Tables: Looking a little wonky this year, with Evercore and Gresham jumping 17 spots in 2009. (WSJ)

B-Schools Irrelevant No More: From now on, business schools will play a vital role that neither business nor academia can perform on their own, and that bodes well for their future (BW)