peHUB Second Opinion 1.8

Propagandists: How China’s ’50 Cent Army’ Could Wreck Web 2.0. That is not a reference to the 50 of ‘In da Club’ fame. (Datamation)

Heidi Asks: Isn’t is about time for SWFs to express anger over the horrific performances of their Wall Street investments? ( Deal Journal)

Whopper Sacrifice: The latest in a slew of attention-grabbing ad campaigns, Burger King will give you a free Whopper if you “un-friend” 10 of your Facebook friends. Example: “Caroline sacrificed Josh Lowensohn for a free Whopper.” (The Social)

In Related, But Still Off-Topic News: Price & Prejudice translated to Facebook. (Austenbook)

No Surprise: About as ugly as expected: Retail sales fell 2.2% during the holiday season.  (Dealbook)

Still Looking Back: This time, at the dumbest business moments of 2008. Not sure how this is different than the worst deals, or business decisions, or investments, or stocks, or buyouts, or whathave you, but if you haven’t had a enough reminiscing, here it is. (Walletpop)

House of Pain: Tough year-end fundraising numbers of DJ. (Dealzone)

No Surprise: Tough time to be wanting a DIP loan, too. (BusinessWeek)

Also In Tough News: Another Ivy League endowment in pain-Princeton. (Dealbook)

WaPo: Our stake in the Bailouts.

Factbox: Verrry short list of pending mergers. Two of which are PE, kinda. (Reuters)