peHub Second Opinion

***The recent economic upswing was the first economic recovery since the 1960s in which the number of women in the workplace fell. (New York Times)

***I didn’t know poison pills ever went away, and I am not sure how worried companies need to be about warding off ravenous private equity firms dying for a takeover, but apparently they’re making a comeback. At least to Michael Milken they are.

***Personal rant—I don’t typically cover venture capital, so compiling news for last week’s PE Week Wire was a whole new world. And I have to ask, why do all VC-backed companies follow the same naming convention? Is it a law for VC-backed companies to MashWordsTogetherWithCapitalLettersInTheMiddleOfTheirName? Do they teach it in start-up school? Typing those things over and over in the morning gave me a whole new appreciation for those who can hit shift in the middle of a word. (And don’t get me started on the substitution of Z’s for S’s.)

***Speaking of crazy venture capitalists (and I mean that affectionately), someone should back this man. His salon fish to eat the dead skin off of customer’s feet. You know, instead of just shaving it with a razor as most pedicurists do.

***At least one of us thinks more acquisitions are to come. (And by us, I mean bloggers.) It’s not fully clear what kind of M&A Jeff Matthews thinks is about to pick up, but it seems like he’s hinting at strategics. And if that’s the case, it’s nothing revolutionary, really.