peHUB Second Opinion 2.16

Who needs a nanny? Parents use tablets to baby sit their children.

A very sweet deal! Private equity targets Magnolia Bakery but CEO not interested.

Dear founder, when using social media, don’t be a Kanye. And make sure you don’t swear.

Amazing that Carlyle can do this. The buyout shop, which is going public, is in the market trying to raise a $10 bln fund.

Today’s completely crazy conspiracy rumor is…the illuminati killed Whitney Houston so that the baby Blue Ivy could live.

Low-cost ways, like integrating social media, to turbo charge your web site.

Nearly one year after filing, Avaya plans to go public in April.

Here’s a mystery. Comedy Central suspends production of the Colbert Report for two days.

Oh no! Moody’s may cut UBS, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley.

This might be a new class of FB users. Facebook will verify public figures (i.e. celebs) and let them use a fake name.

Apple unveils Mountain Lion, its latest version of OS X for Macs.