peHUB Second Opinion

Have an Idea: Four tips to get your startup off the ground. And, how to name your startup.

Up in Smoke: Explosion rips through China plant that makes the Apple iPad.

LinkedIn: No one knows what this company is really worth, says Business Insider.

Coming Clean: PE firms like to crow when deals post great returns but are quiet when things don’t go well. They should provide more disclosure, according to Breaking Views.

One More Time: Sony gets hacked again but this time its So-net Entertainment Corp.

Rich Get Richer: The wealth of millionaire households is expected to increase by 100% over the next 9 years.

End of the World: Exactly when and where will the Rapture start? And what to do when the Rapture doesn’t happen.

Out on Bail: A time of DSK’s weekend before he was arrested. And DSK may spend another night at Rikers since Bristol won’t take him.

Not Fired: McDonald’s CEO defends the 48-year-old Ronald McDonald.

RIP: Macho Man Randy Savage dies in a car accident.