peHUB Second Opinion 2.10

Bank CEO Q&A: Andrew Ross Sorkin has a list of questions to ask bailed-out bank CEOs, and Felix Salmon attempts to answer them. (Market Movers)

Jettison: Carlyle is unloading one of its private jets. Oh, it’s the one clad in “gaudy gold plating,” Cityfile reports.

Jerks: Stephen Fowler, a GP at Fulcrum Fund, a VC firm, appeared on Wife Swap last week, “confirming every stereotype one might have about (San Francisco’s) precious, spoiled environmentalists,” says Valleywag. He was so horrific he had to issue a public apology (after suing a web site that published his home address and finding a site named (Valleywag)

Everybody Loves Lists: 15 Companies that might not survive 2009. PE-backed companies on the list include Claire’s Stores (Apollo), Chrysler (Cerberus), Realogy (Apollo), Station Casinos, (Colony Capital), Loehmann’s (Crescent Capital Investments) and Sbarro, (MidOcean Partners). (US News & World Report)

Use That Credit: If you’ve got it, because you might not have it when you want it! “JPMorgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Inc. and Bank of America Corp., the three biggest U.S. lenders, are among banks cutting back on $1.6 trillion of credit lines as they face increased demand for loans that threaten to drain capital,” Bloomberg reports. (Bloomberg)
Bummers: Nate Silver spells out why this recession is likely to last awhile. (538)

Money in the: After a very public hunt, Wilbur Ross has found a bank to call his own. (Dealscape)

Sell Side Q&A: What motivates a family-owned company to sell? Ask the CEO of Crain & Company, a 200-year-old paper company that took on its first institutional investment from Lindsay Goldberg this year. (NY Times)