peHUB Second Opinion 2.11

Valentine’s Day: It’s comin’ up. Make your own powedery-heart-candy messages with the Acme heart generator, or read some of Business Pundit’s Bailout Hearts.

Sadness: The Deal Toy industry is getting hurt by the dearth of M&A. (WSJ)

Be On MTV: The cable channel is recruiting laid-off Wall Streeters for a reality show that’s supposed to be The Real World meets Wall Street. (Seven analysts picked to live in a house… yeesh.) Anyways, Maria Woehr of The Deal has the details of MTV’s ads. (Dealscape)

Updates: Yesterday we discussed Stephen Fowler, a VC that’s gained internet fame for his horrifically rude performance on the reality TV show Wife Swap. Well, it doesn’t end there. Now his wife has apologized for him and tried to retract it… but the Internet doesn’t forget. Also, can I add that Stephen Fowler is now the number one search query on Google? (Valleywag)

Grill Out: Heidi Moore offers up an excellent marathon liveblog of the House Financial Services Committee questioning today. (Deal Journal)

Sneaky: Madoff’s wife withdrew funds weeks before he was arrested. (WSJ)

How Do They Know: That three to four million jobs Obama the stimulus will create? Yeah, its kindof a guess.

The Kanjorsky Meme: Yep, a guy writing under the name Tyler Durden got his day in the internet sun today, with the posting of this kinda shocking video that states that if the Treasury wouldn’t have closed down money accountson Sept 15, $5.5 trillion would have been withdrawn. It seemed suspicious that something that big could be fully ignored by the mainstream media. Market Movers explains why.

BusinessWeek: What should you spend on advertising.