peHUB Second Opinion 2.12.09

Secondaries: Not just for private equity. There’s a secondary hedge fund market, and its called Hedgebay. (Clusterstock) Just to note, there is a *sort of* similar equivalent to that for PE funds. They are private bulletin board systems called “qualified matching systems.” (You can revisit our post on that here.)

‘Bout Time: KKR has hired its first female managing director. (Deal Journal)

Speaking of: The Glass Hammer has an interesting piece on the “Kid Ceiling” for mothers in the business world. (Glass Hammer)

Rebuttals: Georges van Hoegarden of The Venture Company responds to Dan’s article, Radically Reinventing Venture Capital, with his own ideas on the topic. (The Venture Company)

It’s Your Fault: The American Consumer is one of 25 people Time blames for the Financial Crisis. Seems kinda like Time’s whole “You” as its person of the year. (Time)

Greatest Hits: Or perhaps, not-so-greatest. He’s lost some money on a few of his latest investments. (Dealbook)

First Time For Everything: LIBOR dropped below 1% for the first time. (Bloomberg)

New Penny: I can’t believe we even use pennies anymore, but now we’ve got a new one! It’s a great use of resources, considering it costs 1.4 cents to even MAKE the coin. (Philadelphia Enquirer)

Some People: would like a little more transparency in the proposed stress test for banks. (Mish)