peHUB Second Opinion 2.18

Don’t Be a Sucky Presenter: Some tips from Jason Moriber (New Comm Biz)

Link for Links: Reuters rounds up the recent influx of bankruptcy M&A news this week. (Reuters)

Hahahha: It’s no big deal that PE-backed IPOs aren’t coming into fruition! Not at all! Even for a mega-funds! Like Carlyle! Just ask David Rubenstein! (BusinessWeek)

From Finance to Film: After 10 years at Citadel and six more in the movie business, Julio DePietro, 38, is debuting his first film, “The Good Guy,” a dramatic comedy whose main characters work at a financial institution called “Morgan Brothers.”(Deal Journal)

PE Arrogance: The private equity industry got a dressing-down from one of its chief defenders against potentially draconian regulation being discussed by the European Union. (Finalternatives)

Oh Brother: Love this from Deal Journal:

The phrase “too big to fail” has entered the American lexicon. If A.G. Newmyer III realizes his dream, the expression also will find its way inside your pants. Newmyer has launched a Web one product: men’s underwear with “Too Big To Fail” emblazoned in red letters across the front. “Show off your own Bailout Package in these exclusive embroidered men’s underwear,” trumpets the site, which offers the choice of either boxers or briefs.

Ask Some Tough Questions: Jeff Zucker Goes On CNBC And Gets Embarrassing Wet-Kiss Of An Interview From The Anchors (Clusterstock)

Who is Most Affected by Google Buzz? Journalists, business people, or those having an affair. (BBC)

Congrats: To Cityfile, which has been acquired by Gawker. (Cityfile,The Awl)