peHUB Second Opinion 2.18

Portly Johns: Can overweight people help the economy? Writes Slate, “We’re gaining weight and taking up more space. And that means the entire industry of things designed to fit, hold, transport, and dispose of us has to upsize. Starting with toilets.” (Human Nature)

Uh-Oh: Facebook has been honored or cursed (depending on how you see it) with the cover of Fortune magazine. Valleywag explains why it’s the latter. (Valleywag)

More: On the VC is dead argument from Mark to Market. “People speaking out against VC are only shooting themselves in the foot, not to mention missing the bigger picture at hand.” (Mark to Market)

Movin On (And Now Hiring): Meredith Whitney, the “Dollar Dominatrix,” is leaving Oppenheimer to start her own firm. (CNBC)

Louis CK: “Our world is wasted on the “crappiest generation of spoiled idiots” in history.” (Infectious Greed)

Not Set In Stone: The FAS Board is planning to adjust, or at least rethink, FASB 157, so it does not account for “firesale” prices.

FAQ on the Slumdog Millionaire controversy: “The last film about India to collect an Oscar for best picture was Gandhi, the 1982 epic about how the country won independence. If Slumdog Millionaire wins on Sunday, viewers may ponder what India has done with its freedom.” (FT)

IPO: Pricing has nothing to do with timing. (Dealzone)

WSJ Reports: Obama May Turn to Hollywood Stars to Sell His Housing Plan. Really? (Washington Wire)