peHUB Second Opinion 2.19

Awkward Conversations: Remember the most expensive house in the world? “A Russian billionaire is desperately trying to claw back his £39million deposit after a deal to buy the most expensive house in the world fell through,” The Daily Mail reports. Yikes.

The Rest Of the World: People outside the econoblogosphere, even high school students have issues with the stimulus plan. Here’s what a few of them think. (East Valley Tribune)

You Asked: You get it. Caroline Baum responds to criticism that it’s easy to tear down the stimulus package without offering a solution. Here are five steps. (Bloomberg)

Get Smart: How to make your own shoe phone. (Engadget)

CNBC: W.L . Ross discusses what the stimulus plan will do for the markets. (CNBC)

Don’t: Try to be like Yale, David Swenson says. “Many institutions that followed Yale are experiencing huge losses they never expected.” (Pro Publica)

So It’s True: NRDC’s firing of Peter Som entailed the firm giving back all of its shares. (WSJ)