peHUB Second Opinion 2.2

Happy Groundhog Day! Or rather, not…

Dual Track: IPOs become juicy targets for buyout groups (FT)

Investigation: Is Peter Orszag’s hair really a toupé? (Gawker)

Citi Pig at the Bailout Trough: Some pro-Obama groups have really gone after Wall Streeters with their new ads. (HuffPo)

Out of Dry Powder? This story argues that private equity firms are not going to do deals because they’re out of money! That may be the case for the handful of firms who truly are out of capital and unable to raise ANY more, but actually buyout firms are more flush with cash than ever before, and the problem is that they don’t have enough deals (either valuation-wise, or financing wise) to spend it on. I believe the slowdown in the pace of fundraising, is still lower than the slowdown in the pace of deals, not to mention, buyout firms came off a record fundraising year in 2007, and 2008 was only slightly slower ($260 billion in ’08, compared with $64 billion in ‘09). (IDD, sub only)

Porn at the SEC: More than two dozen employees of the SEC have been investigated over the past two years for viewing porn on their computers at work. (Cityfile)

Dissent: Lynn Tilton of Patriarch Partners has an opinion on Obama’s job proposal: She doesn’t think it’ll work. (Business Insider)

Not Goin Down Without a Fight: Wall Street pay continues to rise, topping $120 billion.  (Deal Journal)

Private equity’s slow return to retail M&A: