peHUB Second Opinion 2.23

Dropping Like Flies: Only half of the 22 private equity-backed European companies that were actively considering initial public offerings one month ago are still on track in their plans, Financial News research has found. (Subscription needed)

How did Steve Schwarzman Spend His Birthday? The Valentines Day baby was spotted playing a round of tennis for #63. Yep I’m doing my best Us Weekly Impression right there. (Dealbreaker, Social Diary)

The IPO Market: Busier, Yet Chilly: Resurgent stock volatility and concern about debt levels at some initial public offering candidates have made eager issuers cut back or cancel (MSNBC)

Bonus Tally: Wall Streeters saw their bonuses leap by 17% in 2009. That’s up from the 47% drop in 2008, so things are on the mend, depending on your view of the situation. (WSJ)

New M&A Targets: The satellite navigation sector is ripe for takeovers. (Reuters)

Important Coverage: WSJ is all over the A1 story of Snoop Dogg’s ban from the UK. Did he get a bum rap? Best line, in describing how Snoop’s public profile has moved away from gang culture to “more cartoonish” is this: “He also has appeared in his own shows, including the reality series ‘Father Hood,’ which stars his wife and children, and the comedy show ‘Doggy Fizzle Televizzle’-a play on his trademark construction ‘izzle.'” (WSJ)