peHUB Second Opinion 2.24

Sorry Guys: As we previously reported, the FDIC doesn’t appear to be ready to capitulate on its bank deal terms. (Reuters)

Op-Eds: In defense of financial speculation. (WSJ)

Politics: Wall Street Democrats donating less, or even to Republicans. (Fierce Finance)

PE To Own Hummer? Possibly. The struggling brand may have to go to a buyout fund because the Chinese government doesn’t seem too interested in helping the deal to sell to Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Corp. get approved. Also, that quote equating Hummer to Lady Liberty, and the brand’s reputation of the spirit of American people, it just too much. (AP)

For fun: Determine how “millennial” you are through this Pew Research Center quiz. I’m not going to disclose my score, but not having a landline boosted certainly my score. (Pew)

Calpers Reducing “Mangers”: Excuse the ridiculous headline typo here, and there’s a story about Calpers cutting down on the number of firms into which it invests its money. (BusinessWeek)

Early Bird Gets the Return? Does being a morning or an evening person make you a better investor? (Simolean Sense via)

Dying Industry: The Casket Industry is on its deathbed! Because people can’t afford to get buried, so they’re opting for cremation. The only thing I wished this article discussed more was the environmental impact of each option (Burial in a casket, pumped with formaldehyde, is not exactly “green” for obvious reasons, but cremation, with the chemicals it gives off, is almost worse!) (WSJ via)

Efficiency and Customer Service: If Air Travel Worked Like Health Care (National Journal)