peHUB Second Opinion 2.24

Someone’s Hiring: has a listing for a pre-MBA Analyst at a Venture Capital/Private Equity. (CFO)

Ouch: OMERs released its year-end results and, as said by a blog called Pension Pulse, “took a drubbing in private equity.” The blog reports that “private equity returns were down a 13.7% in 2008 – a whopping 27.2% below the PE benchmark return of +13.5%.”

It Happened: The Internet has officially topped print as a source of news in the US. (

Apparently: Ya’ll are “flocking” to SecondMarket, the consignment shop for PE and hedge fund secondary sales. (FT)

Fine Toothed Comb: “It is only a matter of time before the Fund of Funds industry disappears,” writes Zero Hedge in a post that examines New York State’s pension and retirement system, and the increasing scrutiny all pension funds are about to come under. (Zero Hedge)

GigaOm Thinks So: Time for Google to give dividends?

Dumb Money: “The villains of the financial catastrophe aren’t criminals. They’re morons.” (Slate)