peHUB Second Opinion 2.25

Ten Wall Street Blogs to Bookmark Now: Oh, list articles of “top finance bloggers.” These have been done, and often, but this one is by the Wall Street Journal, meaning it’s important. (And no, peHUB is not on it, which I’ll attribute to the fact that we were disqualified, being owned by Reuters.) (WSJ)

Ready for Governor Cuomo? The latest NYT hit piece on Governor Patterson may be his final undoing, ushering in the Cuomo era for Democrats… (Politico)

And Here’s Something Interesting: Why liberals and atheists are more intelligent. (Reason, via Naked Capitalism)

Really? Goldman Sachs needs to really just stop talking. Same with its former CEOs. Jon Corzine just said the reason everyone hates the Wall Street “vampire squid” that profited from its government bailout (etc etc etc) is because, “When you’re successful, it brings envy.” As Tina Fey would say: Pay close attention to the following over-the-top eye roll. (rolls eyes) Oh, brother. (Bloomberg)

Yes! I love any and all criticisms of bad, meaningless corporatespeak press releases. Deal Journal has wonderfully awarded Coke’s CEO Muhtar Kent with top honors for his paragraph quote that’s basically a long way of saying “We have to copy Pepsi.” (DJ)