peHUB Second Opinion 2.3

10 Questions: To ask your fund of funds manager. (Corgentum)

Lucy Kellaway: “I have fallen into recession’s web of fear.” (FT)

Saturday Night Live: Bernie Madoff’s Superbowl party. (WSF)

And also: Daniel Gross doesn’t think Citi should break its Mets contract. (Moneybox)

Just Sayin: Don’t Seek Exile In B-School (Scottdig)

Super Return Coverage: Dealbook has summed up the PE coverage pretty clearly:
What Keeps a PE Firm Up at Night?
LPs Shouldn’t Try To Time the Market in PE
As we’ve said before, Lower Your Fees Dammit
More Leon Black Commentary

Apocalypse Now: Gross can’t find any optimists at Davos. (Moneybox)

Hmm: When newspapers rewrite their online articles. (Market movers)

Press Release of the Day: To Joe Nocera, on the “return of pushcasrts.” (Executive Suite)

Dip Not Dead: According to this video on Dealscape.