peHUB Second Opinion 2.4

All About the Benjamins: Felix Salmon on why capping Wall Street pay is likely to work. (Market Movers)

Some People: Disagree. (NY Times)

That Group: Includes Meredith Whitney, who Dealbreaker suggests enter a deathmatch with Pres. Obama. (Dealbreaker)

Speaking Of: Laid off? Attractive? Female? “More Magazine is giving all former Wall Street women ages 40-60 the chance to appear in its annual “Real-Women” June issue swimsuit feature.” (DB)

Guy Hands: Known for his outspokenness, the head of Terra Firma didn’t disappoint at Super Return: “Firms lie in the good times,” he said. “God knows what lies will be told in the bad times when people are struggling to survive.” (Dealbook)