peHUB Second Opinion 2.5

“Insensitivity – It lets you sleep.” The FT has 20 questions with Jon Moulton, formerly of Alchemy Partners, now with Better Capital. (FT)

Super Bowl Special: If the private equity industry needed to fill out a football team, it would be in a good position to do so. (PE Beat)

Prodding: The Federal Reserve and other financial regulators, which have faced strong pressure from the White House and Congress to stimulate lending to small businesses, prodded banks on Friday to ease such financing. (NY Times)

Remember the Macquarie Group Employee Browsing Nude Photos in the Background of a Newscast? He gets to keep his job. (BusinessWeek)

European Meltdown? We may be close to a “Lehman/Merrill/AIG kind of September weekend”, but with no buyer of last resort, writes Minyanville.

Hunger for buyout deals back: Buyouts are finally returning for the deal-hungry private equity industry, which is looking at 2010 to deploy huge cash reserves into deals that buyers hope could get back up to double-digit billions. (Reuters)

The Deal on Private equity and the president: