peHUB Second Opinion 10.02

Who shot President Lincoln?A sizeable group, or 7%, of Americans think it was Lee Harvey Oswald.

What Bruce Springsteen can teach you about building a brand that lasts.

Deutsche Telekom in talks to merge T-Mobile with MetroPCS

Charlie Cheever, Quora’s cofounder, was ousted and no one knows why.

With the debate tonight, Romney has softened his stance on immigration.

I never liked San Francisco…the truth about working at Kixeye.

The Weather Channel will begin naming winter storms and thereby make them more memorable.

Drudge Report is hyping some big controversial video that will be released tonight.

Google’s Motorola Mobility drops its patent infringement complaint against Apple with no explanation.

People who spend more time online have lower self control, are fatter and have more debt. 

Zagat is recalling its 2013 San Francisco Bay Area guides because of a major typo (Francsico)

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Fabian Bimmer