peHUB Second Opinion 2.6

Scumbag Billionaire: Image to the left via Naked Capitalism.

Bailed-Out Companies: They might not be able to take their corporate jets, but they can take out massive ads in newspapers in an attempt to win back some love from the American public. (Dealzone)

Layoffs: Harvard is cutting 20% of its investment management staff. (Reuters)

The Blog Stigma: Excellent post by Felix Salmon on acceptance of blogs as credible news sources, and the NYPD’s insistence that websites cannot receive press credentials. Self-serving of him, and me, to post this, I recognize. (Market Movers)

Is This Surprising? TARP is underwater. Down by about 30% to be exact. (CNN)

Problem Solved: Organizers reported Sunday that the 44th White House Carnival was a rousing success, raising a record $800,000,066,845 for the federal government-$800 billion of which came from a dunk tank featuring former vice president Dick Cheney. (The Onion)

Set Your Tivos: Kristin Davis, the NY Madam, will appear on 20/20 tonight at 10pm and may reveal the names of some of her business’s clients, which includes “the CEO of one of the country’s largest private equity firms who met “Cameron” at the Peninsula Hotel.” Any guesses? (Wall Street Folly)

Winemaking + Derivatives = Bailout wine. If the Dow goes down, you get an economic stimulus check of $2 per bottle for every 100 point drop. (Business Pundit)

Mmmm, Bacon: Its no secret that Second Opinion is pro-bacon. But did you know that you can add a side of bacon to the blog? Just click here: peHUB with Bacon.