peHUB Second Opinion 6.27

The market is turning shaky for IPOs.

Facebook loses a key employee to Square.

The new corporate campus that  Apple is planning receives low marks in a 650-page environmental impact review.

The New York Times Co. looks poised to sell the Boston Globe for one-tenth of what it paid in 1993.

Venture capitalist Fred Wilson on ownership versus valuation.

Six reasons companies’ best employees quit.

The long-awaited(?) album of ex-Groupon CEO Andrew Mason is dropping next week.

Weddings Used to be Sacred, and Other Lessons About Internet Journalism, by Sean Parker.

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission officially files charges against Jon Corzine.

Burlington Coat Factory files for an IPO.

Stay the h*ll out of Singapore.

An oral history of one the best Wall Street movies ever, “Trading Places.”

Photo courtesy of Reuters.