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peHUB Second Opinion

Felix Salmon says David Egger’s new book gets Silicon Valley wrong.

The student loan default rate was at 14.7%, up from 13.4% last year, and the highest level since 1995.

Allen & Co. and Code Advisors have joined the team of banks managing Twitter’s long-awaited IPO. And, the government shutdown could disrupt Twitter’s plans to go public.

Yup, the healthcare exchanges opened today and there were problems.

There is still a chance the government shutdown could end “well.”

Michael Jordan says that in his prime he could’ve beaten anyone in a game of one-one-basketball but Kobe Bryant.

People who send the most text messages have the most sleep problems, a study finds.

YouTube will be hosting its own music awards on Nov. 3.

Amazon plans to hire 70,000 full-time workers for its fulfillment centers this holiday season.

Photo courtesy of Reuters/Jonathan Alcorn