peHUB Second Opinion

OMG. A Dutch court rules that the Amsterdam arm of Scientology is a charitable organization and tax exempt.

Apple’s iMessage IM service is so secure that even the company itself can’t decrypt it.

Stan Lee is introducing Chakra, an Indian superhero.

Another senior exec leaves HTC. Lorain Wong, the head of global public relations, has resigned from the Taiwanese smartphone maker.

OMG #2: Google shares top $1000.

The most highly coveted job at Amazon? Jeff Bezos’ shadow. Seriously.

At work, who you sit with changes how productive and happy you are.

In preparation for Twitter’s IPO, the NYSE is testing the trading system.

There is a real bionic man at the Smithsonian.

Dolly Parton is rapping. Yes, you read that right.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock