peHUB Second Opinion 3.19

Nine months after Hurricane Sandy, the Statute of Liberty will reopen on July 4.

Gov. Cuomo has cut a deal to raise the minimum wage in New York to $9 an hour.

Five things you need to know about venture capital in Brazil.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer in talks to do her first M&A deal (Dailymotion).

Lululemon’s stock drops after recall of see through yoga pants.

Starbucks has bought its first coffee farm. This includes coffee cows and coffee horses.

Time Out Chicago is shutting down its print publication and going all digital.

Heads up. Your employees are probably job hunting right now.

Samsung, hoping to compete against Apple, is also developing a wristwatch.

So much for Hulu. ABC is working on an app that will allow you to watch shows live on phones and tablets.

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