peHUB Second Opinion 3.20

Cyprus shows everyone how NOT to do a bailout.

Blackstone is looking at Dell and this could lead to ouster of CEO Michael Dell.

Sh*t you should NEVER say to a VC in a pitch.

Oracle’s third quarter earnings fall short.

Can’t wait. Amazon is supposedly working on a $99, 7-inch Kindle Fire HD. But Amazon is now denying the report.

So why did Apple hire Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch?

Axe Body Spray has the same effect as nerve gas.

Yahoo! buys Jybe.

Eating comfort food could actually make your mood worse.

Paul Scialla and Peter Scialla, 39-year-old twins who were partners at Goldman Sachs, have left for a home-design firm.

Bart Simpson was in court before Mr. Burns. Really.

An expedition led by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos pulled up two huge rocket engines from the ocean floor that helped boost Apollo astronauts to the moon.

Photo courtesy of Reuters/Gus Ruelas