peHUB Second Opinion 3.22

Why Starbucks isn’t the energy shot Square needed.

What if the internet turns out to be the saviour of the high street?

A 40-year old Silicon Valley banker has started a private equity firm devoted to cannabis.

The Metropoulos brothers thinks Twinkies are indestructible.

Why does anyone care about Cypress?

Flaw lets hackers change your password for Apple accounts using only an email address.

Now, Google is also building a smartwatch. But will anyone wear it?

Blackberry is working on a way to get its phone to work with tablets and other devices.

R.I.P. Chinua Achebe.

The aging population, and not healthcare, is driving up government spending.

What spring? Punxsutawney Phil is indicted for lying.

Photo courtesy of Shuttestock