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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

The Foundry Group’s Brad Feld talks about how getting fired at 15 for washing potatoes has helped him.

Britain’s Debenhams deserves kudos for its diverse models.

Report finds that younger teens prefer YouTube over Facebook. Oh no.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits to smoking crack but won’t step down.

Apollo wants to raise the limit on its next buyout fund to $17.5 bln.

Robert Morris, who created the first computer worm in 1988, may get pardoned.

After failing to get sold to Path, Everpix is shutting down.

Why Twitter didn’t sell to Facebook? One of the reasons was Ev Williams was uncomfortable with how Facebook did business.

Brad Stone responds to MacKenzie Bezos negative review of his book.

Lenovo, which is based in Beijing, actively considered bidding for BlackBerry but the Canadian gov’t said no way to a Chinese takeover.

Photo courtesy of Reuters/Aaron Harris