peHUB Second Opinion

Go Sochi! A Moscow subway ticket machine accepts squats as payment.

Facebook gets rejected again. Snapchat says no to $3 bln buyout offer.

Jim Messina and John Podesta, top former aides to Barack Obama and Bill Clinton respectively, are currently in talks to co-chair a board backing Hillary Clinton.

Best Buy has ordered its employees to remove HP’s Chromebook 11 from its stores.

Crocs is looking to go private and talking to PE.

Google alone is now bigger than either newspapers and magazines.

LivingSocial went offline at 2:45 ET on Tuesday and is still down.

Goldman Sachs has named 280 new MDs.

Prince Charles will claim the government pension he qualifies for.

Here’s Zoomer, the robotic dog for people who don’t have pets.

Photo courtesy of Reuters/Mansi Thapliyal