peHUB Second Opinion 3.10

Fake it to make it: The Economist on counterfeits. (Economist)

Women Still Missing from Top Jobs: A new gender gap report from the World Economic Forum finds women making progress in the workplace, but there remain too few in the boardroom and C-suite. (BusinessWeek)

Tough Times for Porn: The lender which backed a $14 million acquisition of the domain name (a URL that is, to my dismay, very near, keyboard-wise, to the website of the SEC) is being foreclosed upon. It’s for sale. (Reuters)

Speaking of Porn: CNBC has a special on the difficulties of retirement in the porn industry. Because they don’t have 401Ks. Someone should tell CNBC that there are a lot of industries with no 401k plans. The difference here I guess is that one’s application for an office job is generally not enhanced by an Adult Entertainment resume… (CNBC)

Ay? Ken MacFadyen defends Canadian M&A. (The Middle Market)

Unfriendly deals even less friendly: The recent uptick in merger activity has included an increase in strong-armed takeover tactics that has made unfriendly deals even more hostile. (Reuters)